The dollar Auction the Ministry of Finance did not much care buyers

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The ruble on Wednesday afternoon strengthened moderately in a basket of currencies. Grinbek retreating by 0.2% and it 66,68 RUB, the Euro is reduced by the same 0.2 percent and is trading at 75,64 RUB the Russian Central Bank once again raised the rates of foreign currencies for tomorrow, they make up a RUB of 66.82 per dollar (+38 cents) and RUB over the 75,70 EUR (+5 cents).
The commodity sector continues to rock from side to side. A barrel of Brent to the present time is trading at $61,59 in (-0.8%), on the morning of raw materials fell almost 2%. API gave the market another bright “bear” driver: the oil reserves in the U.S. last week rose more than 5 million barrels. In today’s release of the US Department of energy with the big share of probability will also be the figure for oil. Attention is paid to the production parameters (it may slightly decrease) and traffic congestion on the refinery.
Today the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation offers on the auction on placement of OFZ two issues, but their volumes are higher than previous – 26224 15 billion and 26223 RUB 10 billion RUB External environment for such plans to raise funds now is not the best, during the day, the geopolitical situation has changed in the negative direction. However, on the other hand, while the US quarrel with China, Russia is left without the tightening of sanctions for the market of debt is good. The secondary market of OFZ today mostly reduced.
The US dollar will finish today’s session in the corridor 66,50-66,95 RUB RUB 67,0 Higher rate of grinbek until he could not rise, although on the world stage, the dollar looks very confident. The wider the corridor of fluctuations of the dollar/ruble is RUB 65-67, and while it threatens nothing. Euro/ruble will maintain its position within the corridor 75,45-to 75.85 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,