The dollar April 11 will continue to rise, the collapse of the ruble will be long

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Stock Markets Group – the dollar April 11 will continue to strengthen against the ruble despite the fact that the market has already factored in the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy.
According to experts, in the future, the ruble will be above $ 60 per one us dollar by the end of the year can come close to the level of 70 rubles.
The sanctions imposed by Washington, set a negative tone for the dynamics of ruble rate movements and in the future with the advent of new restrictive lists, the market will react more aggressive.
In Washington ponder how to affect the course of military action in Syria, and if measures will be taken that might change the current Outlook on the U.S. dollar exchange rate in the direction of even greater growth.
Oil, considered the main driver of growth of the ruble exchange rate, has a weak influence on the dynamics of the national currency of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that black gold has appreciated by more than 2% in the last days.
The Russian stock market continues to nosedive, led by companies in the metals and energy sectors. It seems that the latest sanctions list, set the tone for the movement of Russian companies for one week.
In the current situation, particular attention investors pay to the reaction of the Central Bank of Russia and its ability to stabilize the situation. However, as it became known, at this moment, the controller remains in the position of the observer, and to save the ruble is not in a hurry.
However, such a reaction is quite expected, as the government repeatedly emphasized that the Russian currency is too overvalued, hampering the revitalization of the domestic market.
We recommend that in the near future to stay out of Russian assets, both in the foreign exchange market and securities market. On the Russian trading platforms remains too much negativity caused by fears of new pressure on the economy.
A strong outflow of capital led to a loss of about $ 16 billion major Russian top management in just a day, but experts believe the main impact will on the population of the country, which very soon will feel the collapse of the ruble in their wallets.
Sergey Nepean,
Stock Markets Group™