The course of bitcoin: the Great depression in the cryptocurrency market

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The stock market remains in the doldrums, resulting in the exchange rate of bitcoin fell below $ 4400. Probably the downtrend, the market will continue, and bitcoin will go down to around $ 4,000.
Started after the fork Bitcoin Cash collapse of cryptocurrencies continues. Despite the fact that the rate of decline is still somewhat slowed down, the main digital currency continue to take the psychological levels and fall to lows of more than a year ago. The market remains pessimistic investors, linked in and a General decline in risk appetite in the world markets.
Bitcoin exchange rate of 11.00 per day fell by 4.14% and broke down the mark of 4400 points, slipping to 4379 dollars in capitalization to $75.2 billion Ethereum by this time lost of 6.33% and dropped to 122.8 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 12.9 billion.
Work smart contracts on Ethereum database was found the next vulnerability. XRP per day has fallen in price by 4.55% to 0.42 at dollar cap of $16.8 billion While XRP is somewhat better than other cryptocurrencies as the coin support underlying factors. Litecoin by this time has fallen in price on 5,06% – to 31.9 per dollar, its market capitalization has reached $1.9 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market amounted to $140,4 billion.
Probably, in the short term bitcoin will continue the downward movement and will endeavor to around $ 4,000, Ethereum may go down to $ 120, XRP – to fall to 0.4 dollar, Litecoin is up to $ 30.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club