The course of bitcoin: the Fall has begun

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin Price once again fell below a key level despite attempts by the buyers to continue the growth.
At the time of this writing, bitcoins are 9 441 dollars, while losing 4.30%. Attempt the most popular cryptocurrency to break out of the narrow range was unsuccessful.
The major altcoins in the top ten also fall behind the bitcoin.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash lost 4.87% and reached $ 302.98 dollar, the price of Ethereum falls to a record 6.31% and is near $206.21, the value of Ripple depreciated by 4.92% and reached the level of 0.308 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold falls to 6.84% for the same coin on the crypto currency exchange offer 19.14 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin at the time of this writing is 169.166 billion.

The exchange rate of bitcoin was interested in the Bank of China

Meanwhile, Bank of China published an article in which he described why bitcoin is growing. So the report says that the price of the cryptocurrency gets popular support against the background of limitations issue, the complexity of mining and the popularity of bitcoins as an asset of refuge in the conditions of unstable economic situation.
Курс биткоина: Падение возобновилось с новой силой
According to, bitcoin is used in international settlements as the most popular cryptocurrency has lower Commission calculations than a traditional payment system, and the calculations can be performed much faster.
However the report says that the speculative component that affects the rate of bitcoin and the vulnerability of kryptomere allows you to hack bitcoin accounts of the investors negatively affects the development of kryptonyte.
Earlier, Huawei CEO Ren Zhenfei stated the need for the development of a national cryptocurrency of China as a symmetrical response to Libra.
In the coming days the Bitcoin exchange rate will continue to decline and the first target for sellers is around 8 000 dollars.
Курс биткоина: Падение возобновилось с новой силой
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group