The course completes the cryptocurrency bitcoin the winter with steady growth

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today does not stop and continues steady ascent, and it should be noted that yesterday in the second half of the day the sellers tried to break the optimism, but fortunately not successfully.
At some point in the cryptocurrency market has lost about 7 billion dollars and the price of Bitcoin fell below $ 4 000$. However, the bulls managed to bring the situation under control, and in the morning of 23 December we observed the growth of digital asset at 1.22%.
Most altcoins top ten also continue to strengthen.
The Bitcoin exchange rate Cash fell slightly to 1.08% and is near $ 195, the price of Ripple has grown 5.09% and reached 0.3872 dollar, the value of Ethereum increased by 11.79% and has already crossed the level 134 of the dollar and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold surged by 4.75% and for one coin today offer on cryptomeria, a little more than $ 16.
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the moment is 125 899 billion.
Weekend, the cryptocurrency market have been quite positive. On the chart bitcoin/dollar continue to receive new signals confirming the strong buying in the future.
Курс биткоина завершает криптовалютную зиму уверенным ростом
Most likely before the Christmas holidays, large investors will try to buy BTC and other popular assets, so as not to miss a chance to earn after 24 January, when the CFTC would be able to break the negativity and apathy to the cryptocurrency market.
The next important resistance level for the price of bitcoin stands at 4 500. This is the lower boundary of Ichimoku cloud at that point, buyers will have to compete for further growth of quotations.
Further, if the optimism and trading volumes will rise, bitcoin will be aimed at the resistance held in the area of 5 600$.

The bitcoin exchange rate does not reflect the real picture of crypto in 2018

As we wrote earlier, movements of the popular digital assets for the year were mainly associated with the emotional component and speculative transactions. This is not surprising, since the absence of reasons for rise or fall of the bitcoin exchange rate has led to their emergence, for example in the media.
According to recent studies, the number of queries on the Internet related to the stock market and other popular cryptocurrencies, two to three times higher in the period of falling of their cost. Waiting for the collapse of the cryptocurrency market have caused a lot of panic and a lot of noise, which further lowered the stock market.
It should also be noted that news agencies today are seen as the main sources of sentiment in bitcoin. And this is a problem that will remain in the next 2019.
Forecasts of experts agree that without binding analysis of movements of digital assets to the fundamentals, it will be difficult to deal with volatility and speculation.
Surprisingly, even despite the fact that many companies continue the development and implementation of software products based on the blockchain, and a sufficient number of successful projects, bitcoin exchange rate remains a hostage of rumors, opinions of individual experts, and the news just speculation.
This year in our opinion do not reflect the real picture of kriptonyte of the token as it occurs in traditional financial instruments. Today it is a problem not only for regulators and officials, but also for investors.
It is impossible to trade in the market, relying only on the current situation and the volatility caused by panic or just desire to buy something from the participants of the stock market.
That is why the decision of the Commission on securities and futures expected in January, will be able to change the situation, and allow the major players to work in the traditional way.
At the moment we are again seeing rising rate of BTC is based only on expectations and hopes, supported by the hype of market speculators, however, and throughout 2018.
Our forecast remains in force, and for the holidays we can see the most popular cryptocurrency in the area of $ 5,000.
Курс биткоина завершает криптовалютную зиму уверенным ростом
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™