The course Bitcoin is gaining weight, and Ethereum continues to decline,

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Crypto-currencies remain under pressure, although the main movement and had on the weekend, and Monday we are seeing in Bitcoin classic flat, or sideways, when the price for a long time remains on the same levels.
Bitcoin stable at $6273 per coin over the past 24 hours, the coin fell -1,31%, but as the week fall is at the same levels -13,22%. Although the price “of the home cryptocurrency has not changed in recent days, however, the domination of the Bitcoin market continues to grow, and has reached 57,9%.
The reason for this is, among other things, significant sales altcoins, in particular, the second by market capitalization of cryptocurrency – Ethereum, which fell by 11.19% compared to its yesterday’s price.
Now Ethereum is only $173, and further reduce the rate to $150 per coin, near the lows of July last year.Given the rate of decline, this mark we can see on the charts today.
Definite reasons for the decline of Ethereum not, but the pessimism of its founder, Vitalik Buterin, is not correct Traktovaya media, clearly “added fuel to the fire” and called for more sales.
Words Vitalik that the new thousandfold growth of the cryptocurrency unlikely, reasoned simple logic, turned into a kind of ominous prognosis for those who entered the market in the expectation of profits. Buterin told Bloomberg that “if you talk to an educated person, he probably heard about the blockchain at least once. There is no way another 1000-fold increase of something in Cryptoprotected”.
With forecasts of the founder of Ethereum, many do not agree, however, that he created the cryptocurrency has suffered from the words Baterina most. Given the fact that most of the ICO projects attracted funds in ETH, and now the fall of the currency gets in the pocket of those who still holds on their accounts Ethereum.
Now ICO projects hold Ethereum worth about $1 billion If these mounts will get rid of the ether and turn it into bitcoins (which is likely), the rising dominance of BTC on the market will continue to grow and the potential to achieve levels of 2016-2017 at the level of 74-87%.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”