The cost of bitcoin for a day practically has not changed

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The bitcoin exchange rate on 12 March to 18:00 Moscow time, according Libertex, almost unchanged, trading at 9,265 thousands of $ 9,231 thousand at 18:00 MSK on March 11. The most famous cryptocurrency in the last days were mostly above these levels – tried to get on the key the mark of 10 thousand dollars, but the attempt failed, and bitcoin is looking for support in the area of 9 thousand dollars.
The market capitalization of bitcoin 18:15 GMT was about 158,2 billion dollars, while before the holidays in Russia – 7 March at 19:30 GMT – it was 177,8 billion. That is, the bitcoin lost more than 10% of the cost.
Western European stock markets on Monday evening has changed multidirectional within 0.5%.
Support for the stock market have the February data on the U.S. labor market is that the number of new jobs in nonagricultural sectors of the economy increased by 313 thousand versus the forecast of 200 thousand. The unemployment rate remained at level of January, at 4.1%.
Index Mosberg 18:23 GMT with the start of trading rose by 0.02% to 2,312 points, we expect that in the next session, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2250-2370 points. The RTS index was down 0.4 percent to 1280 points, and on the following trades is likely to fluctuate in the corridor of 1260-1300 points.
The dollar 18:26 GMT added since the beginning of the session up 0.4% against the ruble to 56.9 rubles, while the Euro rose in price by 0.5% to 70.1 rubles. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range of 56.4-57.4 ruble, Euro – in the hallway of 69.5-70.7 ruble.
As for bitcoin, it is now close to the middle line of the range on the last one and a half months (roughly 7-12 thousand dollars). Sideways, perhaps in a more narrow corridor, is saved.
From the news it is interesting to note that cryptocurrency is not yet objects of civil rights and is outside the legal field in Russia. Therefore, in particular, to include it in the bankruptcy estate of a bankrupt citizen. This was stated by the Moscow arbitration court, thereby giving economic actors, working with a crypt, a certain signal about the risks of such operations.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club