The collapse of the Russian stock market on Monday “broke” all the existing upward trends

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The collapse of the Russian market on Monday “broke” all the existing rising trends on the Russian tools. It is clear that panic state of the market to any kind of analysis impossible. Technical players usually prefer to “sit on the fence”, waiting for clarification of the situation. Meanwhile, the fall does not have any fundamental reasons, and due solely to the news of new us sanctions. Against the backdrop of massive sales it is possible to consider and purchase opportunities: in case of a rollback we can expect a fairly strong movement, and potential profits several times higher than the accepted risk.
According Libertex, TOP 5 tools to buy on Tuesday:
– Yandex. Almost all of the falling tool had on the gap, and further sales were insignificant. This may indicate an imminent resumption of purchases. Medium-term trades with a protective stop below the level of 34.00.
– Rosneft. The fall ended with a significant pullback. Short-term purchases with short stops.
– LUKOIL. There is also the fall ended with a rollback, but GoBack to this crash was preceded by a clearly formed an upward trend. Short-term and medium-term purchase, the latter with a tracking stop.
– Gazprom. Very strong recoil, almost obliterated all fall. High probability of continuation of trend. Short-term and medium-term purchase.
– Sberbank. Fundamentally nothing supports the fall and again during the trading day formed a pullback. Short-term purchases with short stops and quick transfer stops to breakeven.
For sale is the most interesting:
– Aeroflot. Formed on the chart and clearly worked the fall classic figure of “head and shoulders”. Statistics show that in most cases fall into such a situation continues for some time. Short-term and medium-term sales target in the area of 138.00.
– Norilsk Nickel. The fall of the tool is continued, though not strong, but clearly formed prior to this downtrend. Short-term and medium-term sales, the latest with a tracking stop.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club