The Bitcoin exchange rate will resume its growth to 10 000$ in spite of negative dynamics of cryptocurrency

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Stock Markets Group – In recent days the bitcoin continued to fall, despite a relatively positive attitude on the cryptocurrency market.
Today, the asset started trading in the negative, continuing a fall started a few days earlier. Yesterday the coin and finished the day near the mark of $9 400, retracing some of their losses after reaching a day low of $9 200.
At 17:00 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 9 120 (-2.63%)
Bitfinex – $ 9 126 (-2.2%)
Coinbase – $ 9 110 (-2.9%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $156 522 billion.
Yesterday, Bitcoin again criticized that negatively affected the sentiment of the cryptocurrency market.
So after saying billionaire Warren Buffett, his point of view regarding bitcoin was expressed by the founder of Microsoft bill gates. In his interview to the program “Squawk Box” on CNBC, he called the popular cryptocurrency is one of the most speculative assets in the world.
“From the point of view of the asset class you produce nothing, therefore we should not expect that its price will rise. It’s like the greater fool theory in its purest form”
He further said that with pleasure I would have shorted bitcoin if it was easy.
Earlier, gates ‘ comments about cryptocurrency is greatly varied. In 2014, when the popularity of bitcoin is gaining momentum, he expressed support for a digital asset and saw it as “revolutionary technology”. Later, as you know, Microsoft was one of the first to accept tokens to be paid when you purchase the software.
Next, was a loud statement about what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a tool in the hands of drug dealers, which leads to human death.
Over the past year, the opinions of different experts regarding the future of the digital market and digital coins were changed repeatedly, however, this has not led to significant changes in the attitude of investors to such assets.
Apparently, this was partly linked to the ambiguous attitude to bitcoin authorities of different countries and the banking sector, as well as the lack of clear rules of market regulation.
In our opinion, in the future, this negative point, the maintainer of bitcoin and its exchange rate will not have a major impact on the dynamics of the token, as the process of formation of the cryptocurrency market is likely to have already passed the most difficult period .

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс Bitcoin возобновит рост к 10 000$ несмотря на негативную динамику криптовалют
Experts note that with the approaching $10 000 bitcoin will experience increasing pressure from the sellers. As essential support for the sales will have stop orders, most of which is within this psychological level.
For further growth the market needs a serious reason, because the current range still is within a comfortable price digital coins.
In the following days we expect that the rate of bitcoin will remain in the range of $200 9 – $9 800, with a positive attitude for the growth of bitcoin will continue.
The current decline in the range of 3% – 5% allowed under the technical correction, and if the buyers do not lose control over the cryptocurrency until the end of the month we will be able to see the value of Bitcoin to $10 000.
We also consider the $8 900 as a reversal point where the asset price is likely to unfold in growth.
Other cryptocurrencies in the course of the day show a slight decline. So the Ripple rate continues to fall in the range of 3% to $0.8, Bitcoin Cash rubbed Yal to the current time of 4.85%, down to $1579, Ethereum depreciated by 2.16% and is near $736.
Курс Bitcoin возобновит рост к 10 000$ несмотря на негативную динамику криптовалют
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies is $367 228 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™