The bitcoin exchange rate went up after the announcement of the share crypto in UAE

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The main crypto-currencies continue to rise on good news from the UAE, which became a world center for the sale of cryptocurrency. According to studies, today the share of the country accounted for more than a quarter of all funds raised in the framework of the ICO from the beginning of the current year.
The exchange rate of bitcoin, according to Libertex, 9.00 per day increased by 3.53% to $ 5521 capitalization of 99.1 billion. Ethereum by this time has risen on 1,62% – to 160,8 dollar with a market capitalization of 17.3 billion dollars.
Growth rate of XRP contributed a message stating that the escrow account Ripple thawed 1 billion XRP tokens worth about $ 300 million. It is planned that these funds will be used to make changes in the ecosystem network. On this news XRP has risen on 0,33% – to 0,304 dollar in the capitalisation of 12.8 billion dollars.
Litecoin has strengthened by 1.9% to 73.6 per dollar, its market capitalization has reached $ 4.6 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market made up of 180.4 billion.
According to financial scouts in the near-term digital assets can still increase in price: bitcoin could strengthen to 5550 dollars, Ethereum – to 161,50162 dollars, XRP to 0.31 of the dollar and Litecoin – to 74 dollars.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club