The bitcoin exchange rate retreated but remains above $ 8,000

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin the second day to a number remains just above the key level at the level of the 8042 of the dollar, losing an average of 1.54%.
However, for cryptocurrency, this is not critical. Such a stop does not scare investors. Experts forecast for the coming days remains focused on the next important level is $ 10,000, but must be supported by fundamental factors.
Recall that for the first half of may the price of Bitcoin has made the leap to 35%, which was the strongest increase since November 2017.
As for the other cryptocurrencies, they also demonstrate multidirectional dynamics.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 4.5%, price Ripple falls to 1.51%, the cost of Ethereum soared 6.28%, and the rate Bitcoin Gold loses 3.01% for the same coin on cryptomeria offer 24.26 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin has not changed and at the time of this writing is 142 892 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar points to the continued growth and shows no signals for reversal.
Курс биткоина отступил но остается выше 8000 долларов
Intermediate support for BTC is around 7300 dollars, where the moving average and the first significant level of support.
Technically, today there are no prerequisites for position closing on the purchase, therefore, the current strategy for the market participants remain buy on pullback.

Bitcoin exchange rate: resumes Binance will support the cryptocurrency

The main news yesterday reports that the largest bitcoin exchange Binance resumed trading and the possibility of entering funds in customer accounts.
As you know, a few days ago the marketplace was once again subjected to hacker attacks and lost about 7,000 bitcoins.
As a result it was decided to stop all operations on the Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the accounts to ascertain the circumstances.
Later the Binance told customers that it will cover losses from a special Fund created in 2018.
It should also be noted that the restart of the exchange went smoothly, which for a short duration has caused concern among trading participants, and trading platforms an error occurred.
However, later the situation changed and at present failure is eliminated.
We believe that the communication will support the exchange rate of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies during today’s trading.
Курс биткоина отступил но остается выше 8000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™