The bitcoin exchange rate remained below psychological mark of $ 7,000

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The main cryptocurrency on Friday to continue its moderate rise due to good news about the prospects of digital money, although bitcoin exchange rate until it is below the psychological mark of $7000.
Thus, in particular the Chicago Board of exchange (CBOE) announced that it plans to launch futures trading on the cryptocurrency Ethereum until the end of 2018.
Also on the stock market to discuss the major funds transfer system Ripple. In two transactions, $2.2 billion was transferred some 13% of the total number of tokens Ripple in circulation.
The bitcoin exchange rate to 12.00 per day has grown on 1,67% – to 6947 dollars in capitalization to $120, 4 billion Ethereum by this time increased by 1.04% to 279,1 dollar, its market capitalization has reached $28.6 billion rate of the Ripple increased during the day by 1.22% to $ 0,329 capitalization of $13.1 billion Litecoin by this time strengthened by 2.06% to 60,22 dollar, its market capitalization has reached $3.5 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market amounted to $of 225.9 billion.
It can be expected that against the background of positive market sentiment, the exchange rate of bitcoin during the day can rise above $ 7,000, Ethereum will strengthen to $ 230, the Ripple will grow to 0.33 dollar and Litecoin will rise to 61 per dollar.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club