The bitcoin exchange rate on November 21: Investors are afraid of losing everything

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin after a severe collapse received a temporary respite, a foothold in the region of 4 $ 300.
These days the market continued to test the flight of the active members of the cryptocurrency and the transfer of funds from Bitcoin to other financial assets. Meanwhile, after a serious fall the other popular cryptocurrencies in the same show growth. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash today strengthened to 8.8% and is at elevation 271$, the value of the Ripple increased by 1.69% and reached $ 0.444$, the price is Ethereum returned 4.93% and reached the level of 137$, Bitcoin, Gold has appreciated by 3.9% and for one coin at the moment give 21.81$.
Chart bitcoin/dollar shows a stop near new lows. However, those wishing to buy at this level. Technically, level 4 $ 300 is not a strong support and most likely, over time, bitcoin price will tend to the more important lines, 4 000$ and 3000$.
Курс биткоина 21 ноября: Инвесторы боятся потерять все
In our opinion, the small rebound of quotations are possible, but rather, it will provide sellers a new starting point for the next wave of sales.

The rate of bitcoin will be a dark future

In the current situation of the global failure of cryptocurrencies as an investment instrument, analysts point to the even greater failure of the asset.
Emotions and panic today took over the technical and fundamental factors, and ultimately will put pressure on the price of bitcoin before end of the year.
There is also the likelihood that under conditions of too low prices, the attention of speculators will again be aimed at the tool and work “the effect of market memory” that can cause a repetition of the situation which we saw in December 2017, when bitcoin reached its highest growth in 20 000 US dollars.
At the moment we recommend you to stay out of the market as long as passion and negative sentiment will subside, and you will see the first signs of recovery of the positive dynamics.
In any case, in the coming months, expect new highs in the market of cryptocurrencies is not necessary.
Курс биткоина 21 ноября: Инвесторы боятся потерять все
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™