The bitcoin exchange rate on December 3: Bitcoin has lost more than 3% per day

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate in recent days has fallen by $ 200, losing 3.3% of its value.
After a small rebound quotes again reminded participants of the stock market on weak Bitcoin and its vulnerability to external factors. The current key level of 4,000 dollars was under attack and may not survive, which is signaled by the moving average, which currently is the price.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten also rushed down. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash losing 1.41% and reached $ 195.48$, the price Ripple fell to 2.38% and is close to 0.36$, the value of Ethereum decreased by 2.97% and reached the level 112.62$, and the rate Bitcoin Gold fell during the day at 1.73% for one coin on cryptomeria offer only 17.94 USD.
The market capitalization of bitcoin over the last 24 hours also fell and at the time of this writing is at 120 664 billion.
Курс биткоина 3 декабря: Криптовалюта потеряла более 3% за сутки

Taxation pressed on bitcoin

As you know in recent days hosted the G-20 summit in Argentina, where the topic of cryptocurrencies was also discussed. To trouble investors, the question was raised about the taxation of cryptocurrencies and the adoption of a unified concept for States.
In this regard, the issue of money laundering through bitcoin and other popular assets were again on the agenda. The G-20 leaders presented a joint paper, which notes that “it is necessary to develop a common system of taxation for cross-border payments to prevent money laundering”
It is expected that the final document will be reviewed in 2019, when the chair the summit will be Japan.
As you know in July of this year, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Meir called on the leaders of G-20 countries to hold public discussions on the regulation of cryptocurrencies.
He noted as well:
“It is obvious that there is a high risk speculation with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and leaders of G-20 countries must work together to address issues relating to the course”
He later added that France needs to discuss this subject with other meeting participants, to understand how to handle the issue at home.
To word these statements are not something new, but in the absence of a clear regulatory policy will always cause a negative reaction and fall in the value of bitcoin on the market.
Experts say that such statements often look to PR politicians, rather than portend a major change.
Recall as well that over the past year, from the moment when attention to bitcoin increased dramatically, breakthrough in the field of market regulation has not occurred. All innovations are point and non-systemic in nature, which often has a surge of negative.
Thus, this message only supported the negative sentiment, and the fall of bitcoin exchange rate that we observed after a short growth the day before.
Курс биткоина 3 декабря: Криптовалюта потеряла более 3% за сутки
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™