The bitcoin exchange rate on 8 December: Panic collapsed the cryptocurrency in the district $ 3,200

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Stock Markets Group – Over the past week the bitcoin exchange rate continued rapid peak and set a new annual record at around 3400 dollars.
The fall most popular cryptocurrencies in the last month, analysts say radical in the history of the asset.
In addition to the end of the year investament did not understand in the future the fate of Bitcoin, the price never ceases to present negative surprises.
Perhaps today we can confidently say that in market only the strongest remained or mad, awaiting the rise of the cryptocurrency to 20 thousand dollars buying coins somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 000.
Most of the assets of the top ten also continue to record all new lows. And if the price of bitcoin more or less clear, for other tokens, there is no choice, then as the most popular asset dump as quickly as possible.
And if we add to all the beginning of the withdrawal of money by investors in Fiat on new year’s eve, as it usually happens, and not only in the cryptocurrency market, the situation is deplorable.
Currently popular cryptocurrencies demonstrate multidirectional movement.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate on Cash falls 4.86%, remaining near $ 100, the price of Ripple in contrast, gaining 0.69% and rose to the level of 0.304 dollars, the cost of Ethereum was down 2.23% at district level 91.56 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold loses 1.72%, and for one coin on cryptomeria of the world offer only a little more than $ 12.
The market capitalization of bitcoin over the past day dropped to 60 064 billion, while continuing to update the lows of the year.
Chart bitcoin/dollar has not changed significantly. Cryptocurrency a day earlier broke the support runs near $ 3,500 and has already tested at least once 3200$.
Курс биткоина 8 декабря: Паника обвалила криптовалюту в район 3200 долларов
Now quotes are trying to gain a foothold above the key level of the$ 3,000 as in the case of loss of control by the buyers of this level, bitcoin exchange rate will make a strong reduction with the ultimate goal of 2 200$-2000$. The risk of such a scenario is quite high considering the recent negative flow of news, arrived before the weekend.

The exchange rate of bitcoin or the technology on that bet?

In the last month outflow of capital from kriptonyte increased significantly. To escape speculators added production cuts and as a result, the production of components for mining.
Things are so bad, because suddenly, the SEC began investigating a number of issues related to bitcoin, including the price of the asset in 2017.
In our view, the regulator once again wants to play safe before making important decisions regarding the trading of bitcoin futures, but cryptologist perceived this message as the indecisiveness and unwillingness to develop kriptonyte.
Many large investors as well leave ciprolisina in other assets, alleging foul play and speculation. For instance, at the beginning of November a well-known venture investor Yang ning on WeChat published a post in which he declared his retirement from the Chinese cryptostore.
“I’m happy to leave kriptonyte, in which a lot of lies and speculation. I wanted to leave quietly, but failed, as it caused a wave of indignation on the part of cryptocommunist”
We will remind that earlier at the beginning of 2018 ning launched its project Commerce Data Connection, which was declared as the first decentralized platform with free access for owners and users of tokens CDC.
This case is a good example of how a promising startup because of the lack of transparency and regulations in kriptonyte failed. And this trend is observed almost everywhere in cryptosphere.
On the other hand to bet on bitcoins and trade on a falling market, many already can not afford. And not only because of those who bought bitcoin at $ 6,000, relying on comments guru of the stock market, about the future rise up to 250,000 dollars, just broke.
The fact that after the departure of speculators, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has ceased to be a tool for rapid and reliable enrichment. Yes, Yes it is reliable, however, in the very short term. This led to the fact that the market is simply lost orientation, and attempts to trade the news or other “Foundation” is not good, due to the fact that market participants do not see the support of government authorities.
Therefore, most large companies working in kriptonyte have frozen their projects until better times, and the same thing, apparently, will make those trading bitcoin on the market is to leave it and withdraw money in other assets. This process is exactly similar to the situation with dot-com in the 2000s, when the bubble burst, despite the high-profile optimistic statements by leading “experts.”
Курс биткоина 8 декабря: Паника обвалила криптовалюту в район 3200 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™