The bitcoin exchange rate on 5 November: Investors are waiting for signals to buy

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In the past week the bitcoin exchange rate has maintained a sideways movement at $6350. If we consider the beginning of November, the price of the stock exchange Bitfinex dropped to $6209. By the closing trading price recovered to $6416. The rapid recovery of prices has contributed to the dramatic growth of the pair Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin cache)/US dollar.
Over the last two days Bitcoin Cash has risen by 24% — from $442 to $551. 15 Nov network BCH will find your own hardwork. About support of the upcoming updates Bitcoin Cash has already announced Binance, OKEx, and Coinbase.
Last week, the price of bitcoin has maintained a sideways movement at the level of $6400. According to the latest quotes he’s trying to grow the US dollar over growing Althingi (BCH, LTC, BTG, ETC.).
Investors in bitcoin need to close trading this week above $6400. In this case it will form a bullish signal that the new week will allow them to raise the rate to $6765 and best case scenario – up to $7000. According to Alpari, today, the key support is the level of $6070, and intermediate – $6350. I’m still waiting for the strengthening of bitcoin until 4 December. If events develop according to the forecast on the basis of technical analysis most popular cryptocurrency, then the rally will continue at least until the end of December of the current year.
Vladislav Antonov,