The bitcoin exchange rate on 31 October: Hopes for strong growth less

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin is slowly coming to around $ 6,000, losing per day on average 0.3%.
External negativity and apathy of the players doing their job, and do not allow active investors to open long positions on the cryptocurrency.
In recent days Bitcoin did not wait for support signals and even opposite, regular reports about the hacking of bitcoin exchanges and new initiatives of the regulators, putting pressure on the cost of the asset.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains virtually unchanged, unless you notice a shift of market sentiment to the side of the sales coin.
Perhaps the rest of the range, which quotes will pass before they reach the level of $ 6,000 will be tested not just salesmen in an attempt to lower the price of bitcoin even lower.
Курс биткоина 31 октября: Надежд на сильный рост все меньше
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten remain under pressure and continue to lose in price. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash at the current moment loses 1.04% and is close to 417$, the price Ripple fell by 0.68% and reached the mark 0.443$, the value of Ethereum decreased by 0.32% and reached the level of 195$, the Bitcoin exchange rate and Gold, on the contrary shows a growth in the range of 1.10% for one coin on cryptomeria offer 26.37$. Total market capitalization of bitcoin per day has decreased and is 110 015 billion.

Bitcoin exchange rate under pressure of the British regulator

As it became known, Britain is considering a ban of derivatives based on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. British financial regulator said that unlike operations in the cryptocurrency market, trading derivatives such as CFDs, options and bitcoin futures fall under the control of the FCA, and therefore requires official permission.
Meanwhile, in the next report of the Task force on cryptocurrencies, which includes representatives of the regulator and the Bank of England noted:
“Derivatives-based cryptocurrency, is more risky than trade in bitcoin and other instruments on the spot market, as the costs can go beyond the initial investment”
It is expected that FCA will soon conduct a comprehensive consultation on the issue of regulating derivatives, as well as control over exchange operations and cryptocephalinae.
According to the regulator, the cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value so investors should be prepared to lose all funds invested, thus confirming concerns about financial stability.
We will remind that earlier the head of the Bank of England has said that bitcoin is not a threat to the financial system as a speculative tool is similar to the “bubble”.
The lack of clarity in the definitions and views on digital assets among officials, is the main cause for the lack of interest in bitcoin from investors, and impedes the course to continue growth.
On the other hand, according to IG Group selling derivatives based on the cryptocurrency in recent months has become more profitable for the British online trading platforms.
Курс биткоина 31 октября: Надежд на сильный рост все меньше
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™