The bitcoin exchange rate on 19 November: Crisis and investors ‘ disappointment

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After an epic fall last week, when the exchange rate of bitcoin per day lost 12%, attention to the cryptocurrency market from global investors continues to fall.
A decrease below the critical level $6000 and keeps the price from falling even in February 2018, the market for BTC/USD continued to fall.
Of course, in the red zone and turned the entire industry as a whole. The cryptocurrency market capitalization fell to $170 billion, and in my opinion, this is not the limit. Tokens lose leading in price by an average of 5-10% daily and it is a little encourages investors to purchases.
On the contrary, turns the flywheel panic, investors sell what kept the whole year, and even illusory promises of future victories not able to keep from fleeing those for whom the decrease in capitalization of bitcoin below the $100 billion became a sort of signal to surrender.
Assessing the technical model is not difficult to note a descending “flag” for BTC/USD on the daily timeframe. This means that the $5000 may be a weak support, which is just as quickly broken. in this case, a further goal of the movement will be around $3100 for BTC.
The “hero of the festivities” – Bitcoin Cash, whose hardwork some experts, among them Bloomberg, as the cause of events, disappeared from the arena of crypto industry. Now his ppl were ABC and SV become the object of attention. And if the first, ABC, the situation is more or less clear, he became a sort of “successor” Bitcoin is Cash, the volatility of the second, the SV won’t be optimistic.
SV on trading Bitcoin exchange Poloniex started at $600, and almost instantly dropped to $70. That is, the tool is clearly not popular, and the public preferred him to fork ABC. Team two forks of the BTH respond very strongly about each other, and their debate, otherwise “information war” is not called. All this makes disorder and gives a heavy imprint on the entire industry.
Do not spare the market and regulators. The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has forced the ICO projects CarrierEQ Inc. and Paragon Coin Inc. to register their tokens as securities with the payment of a fine in the amount of $250 million, refunds to affected investors and providing to the controller periodic reports, not less frequently than once a year.
This is the first case where the Commission applied the legal penalties only for violation of the registration of the securities offered under the guise of ICO. But he is not the last. This precedent will discourage many from the idea to raise funds through ICO. And the complication stage of raising funds in the industry will make it even less attractive for investors, which will further boost the market decline.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”