The bitcoin exchange rate on 13 Dec: expect strong growth after 24 Jan

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin for the last days resist the temptation to continue to fall below $ 3400$, but still capable of making another breakthrough down.
At the end of the week the value of Bitcoin has returned just over 5%, up from yearly lows of $ 3,200 reached on 7 December.
However, if we compare the current optimism, with a total capitalization of the stock market, at the moment he is losing and is very close to the mark of 100 billion after crossing which, to stop the outflow of capital will be very difficult.
Most altcoins first tier remain in a weak minus.
So, Bitcoin is losing Cash at the opening of 1.67%, and is at the 95.44 dollars, the price of Ripple fell by 0.59% and is in the area of 0.306 dollars, the cost of Ethereum decreased by 0.4% and reached the level of 90.16 USD and Bitcoin Gold went negative at 2.03%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer 11.81 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is $100 billion. 127
Rate graph bitcoin/USD (BTC/USD) remains without significant changes. However, buyers should be alerted to the situation in which the price hasn’t made a full rebound. Quotes under pressure and serious preconditions for the growth of bitcoin today is not.
Курс биткоина 13 декабря: Эксперт ожидает сильный рост после 24 января
On the other hand, the influence on the behavior of the most popular digital asset have very low trading volumes at the end of this year. This in turn can take advantage of large investors, playing on the slide the token to crash the market even lower.

Why today, bitcoins profitable investment?

Despite the fact that the price of the most popular cryptocurrency continues to break records at annual lows, some experts forecast its growth and even recommend buying bitcoin right now.
Weiss Ratings, the research company Martin Weiss, which specializiruetsya on providing information to investors for investment in mutual Funds and ETFs published a post on Twitter, which recommends buying BTC.
“The rate of bitcoin has reached such a low that the cryptocurrency now is the best opportunity in 2018. We also believe that this speculation with the least risk, which only can be done in bitcoin”
This message cannot be considered accidental, since earlier in the Weiss Ratings website published an article by Dr. Bruce ang, in which he expressed his vision of the situation with bitcoin and pointed out the prospects of cryptocurrencies in the beginning of next year.
Recall that, according to experts, the launch 24 Jan project Bakkt trade bitcoin futures will attract huge capital from institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market.
As the argument of eng results in the situation of 17 December 2017, when Bitcoin futures was launched at CME Group, resulting in the cryptocurrency soared to 20 thousand dollars.
We also poschitaem that the surge of positivity is sure to be an influx of new funds is inevitable, which is reinforced by the willingness of many major foundations to get started with your new tool as soon as possible.
But to expect the same highs as earlier, we would not be in a hurry. According to our estimates, bitcoins could grow in the range of 10-12 thousand dollars, and the market reaction after the jump can be sharply negative, that will send the cryptocurrency to the current level.
Курс биткоина 13 декабря: Эксперт ожидает сильный рост после 24 января
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™