The bitcoin exchange rate on 10 December: the Cryptocurrency has gained 12%, but investors are depressed

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin recent days made a small leap, up a foothold above the mark of $ 3,500.
In total, the growth rates amounted to about 12%, but experts say the inability of buyers to get the situation under control. Already today we can observe the fall of Bitcoin in the morning, which confirms the weakness of the cryptocurrency market and capital outflows.
Most of the digital assets of the top ten along with the main token in the same fall. So Bitcoin is Cash loses 3.22% and reached the level of 104$, the value of the Ripple dropped to 1.82% and is at the level of 0.308$, the price is Ethereum depreciated by 1.72% and fell to 92.82$, and the rate of Bitcoin Gold is cheaper by 3.78%, and for one coin in the stock market offer only 12.17$.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies in recent days also fell, and at the time of this writing is 104 037 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar showed a slight rebound of quotations. However, a complete reversal is too early to say. Investors confused, while those who remained in the market until the current day close the position and withdraw money.
Курс биткоина 10 декабря: Криптовалюта прибавила 12%, но инвесторы подавлены
Technically, until the price of bitcoin stays above $ 3200, there is a chance for the development of the upside movement, but it will take positive messages that support buyers.
The struggle for the key mark of $ 3,500 will continue in the near future it will be possible to evaluate the consolidation of buyers and the desire to break the situation in their favor.

Investors are waiting for the exchange rate of bitcoin to new highs

In fact on the market are still players who believe in the growth of the asset in the long term. According to experts, everyone who makes a positive Outlook, have enough money to hold the drawdown rates of 80% -90%.
It is also necessary to consider that the withdrawal from the market of small and medium players the losers, making the market more “clean” in terms of price fluctuations and is on hand for the big players who appear selloff will undertake the formation of a new market is more resistant to emotional risks.
Also recall that many analysts are trying to associate the current situation with the market cycles and the ability to recover as quickly as fall.
And as history shows, to the current time each successive rise of bitcoin exchange rate several times higher than the previous one, which allowed fans to get up from all five failures in history.
By the way, the arguments today are the most popular among cryptooperation. Although in our opinion the structure of the stock market and trading approach in the current environment is completely different from previous falls.
Therefore, we expect that in the medium term, bitcoin will return to an even lower price, even despite the seemingly short-term optimism.
Курс биткоина 10 декабря: Криптовалюта прибавила 12%, но инвесторы подавлены
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™