The bitcoin exchange rate on 1 December rose to $ 4152, buyers return

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin remains uncertain the trend, trying to gain a foothold above $ 4,000.
To date, the most popular cryptocurrency could stop a strong decrease and hold the support line and at the time of writing, the digital asset is trading with a gain of 1.39% on the level of 4152 USD.
However, the risk of further sales remains high, especially given the approach of the Christmas holidays, during which investors typically derive money from Fiat currency.
The price of Bitcoin is in serious need of support, and kriptonyte in the regulation, however, while significant progress in this direction, we do not observe.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten today show strong growth. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash adds 1.25% and reached the level of 195$, the value of the Ripple climbed to 2.34% and is close to 0.373$, the price is Ethereum was able to get stronger at 3.74% and rose to the level of 117$, and the Bitcoin Gold went up to 1.54%, and for one coin on cryptomeria world offer 18.81$.
Курс биткоина 1 декабря вырос до 4152 долларов, покупатели возвращаются
Total market capitalization of bitcoin Yes last night was raised a little and is now 72 262 billion.

The bitcoins are waiting for new shocks without the support of regulators

November is the month for the most popular cryptocurrency was the worst month for 7 years. The last time the drop rate in the range of 40%, as happened in November, was observed in 2011. But then bitcoin was popular only in narrow circles, and not much impact on the global financial system.
Today the situation is quite different and such a sharp decline without government support will lead to the fact that the project “bitcoin as a new investment instrument” may not take place.
But hope for the adoption by regulators of important decisions can strengthen the confidence of investors not only to Bitcoin, and all crypto-currencies is still there.
So for example, believes chief commercial officer cryptocurrency exchanges Cryptology, Herbert SIM. He is confident that the exchange rate of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in General will recover as soon as the relevant legal framework.
“Regulators should develop and implement common rules that will remove all unnecessary with the cryptocurrency market, so it can move forward, and investors to conduct transactions without risk. Once that happens, it will be a new milestone in the development of kriptonyte”
Delays in the adoption of important legal solutions to force the developers to stop work on improving the network, the blockchain and the introduction of new software products.
Also we will remind, earlier we already wrote about the fact that more than 600 thousands of miners stopped work due to the strong depreciation of bitcoin, which made the mining of cryptocurrency unprofitable. And some hardware manufacturers were at a loss from-for absence of demand from the mining farms and are forced to stop production.
In this situation, you should be very cautious about future predictions on bitcoin as is, the reduction in this sector would immediately lead to a drop in prices of digital assets on the market.
Курс биткоина 1 декабря вырос до 4152 долларов, покупатели возвращаются
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™