The Bitcoin exchange rate increased by 5% together with the nervousness community

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In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin adds 5%, approaching $9,700, to a greater or lesser extent for the reference year should market altcoins. Historically may has been a very good month for bitcoin, if it happened reduce, they were insignificant, whereas growth was almost always very impressive. For example in may 2017 BTC soared to 73%. In General, the entire second quarter of the year can be considered positive for the value of bitcoin. As a result, analysts and community expect sure of overcoming the threshold of $10,000. Margin of the bulls will depend on many factors, but at the moment, the basis remains speculative, because the major news triggers not.
Green sprouts can be considered news from South Korea on the development of the officials of the regulatory framework for legalizing ICO (the ban was imposed in September 2017), given the huge interest of people in the country to crypto-sphere, positive news can create additional momentum. As the development of clear rules of conduct and appearance of oversight by regulators can be expected inflow of funds from institutional investors, and it can be considered truly the first sign of a growing market. This can serve as proof of the recent statement by Goldman Sachs about the launch of “design forward” for futures on bitcoin on behalf of their clients.
New alarming for the mining community made a statement the company Bitmain, with the declared intent to market the Antminer Z9 mini – ASIC device for mining cryptocurrency based on the algorithm Equihash. In the community believe that Bitmain has launched a device for mining zcash for a few months ago, when a sudden increase in the complexity of the network. It is known that the founder and CEO of zcash for Zuko Wilcox intolerant of the idea of centralization of the computing power of the network, however, understood that the algorithm can not forever be resistant against ASIC-miners are, therefore, unable to follow the solution up to hard forks in the network. Previously released Bitmain ASIC algorithms Ethash, Cryptonight and Blake, which caused the response from developers, as the sale of powerful miners will lead to monopolization of these networks.
Like it or not, but it seems that the crypto-sphere, the role of the community will continue to decline. New market is moving to maturity, the outcome of which will be how the centralization of financial flows and computing power that will displace the enthusiasts, geeks and miners-individuals, thanks to which the industry initially got my ticket in life.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,