The bitcoin exchange rate has stopped on the way to 12 000$ after the double growth in two weeks

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The bitcoin exchange rate on 21 Feb by 18:00 Moscow time, according Libertex, decreased by 7.3% to 10,645 thousand dollars 11,480 thousand at 18:00 GMT on 20 February. Thus, the most well-known cryptocurrency corrected down after the previous growth in the past two weeks, in General, about two times. During today’s trading, it was fluctuating below the resistance level of 11.3 thousand dollars.
The market capitalization of bitcoin to 18:00 Moscow time was about 182,9 billion dollars against the 196.7 billion at 18.00 GMT on 20 February.
Western European stock markets by evening, little changed amid falling business activity in industry and services 19 countries in the Eurozone in February.
Index Masuri to 18:30 Moscow time have added from the start of trading 1.7% to 2310 points, expect that tomorrow, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2250-2360 points. The RTS index by this time grew by 1.6% to 1285 points and tomorrow, most likely, the auction will be held in the corridor 1250-1320 points.
The dollar to 18:35 MSK has gained 0.1% against the ruble to 56.61 ruble, the Euro almost didn’t change around 69,81 ruble. Tomorrow, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range 56,14-57,07 ruble, Euro – corridor 69,21-70,40 of the ruble.
As for bitcoin, he seems to have made a break in its upward movement to the area of 12 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, big ICO, reports of which appear in the last time, maintains interest in the cryptocurrency. So, at the end of the first day of implementation of the crypts of the Venezuelan “Petro”, the amount of pre-sales has already reached 735 million dollars. Two days earlier Telegram founder Pavel Durov has provided the Commission with the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) report on the attraction of $ 850 million from 81 investors in the framework of the ICO.
However, these two are approximately equal in size ICO in the root differ by other parameters. For Durov – virtual asset – a fashionable Telegram messenger. For the Venezuelan Petro – oil countries, which promised the country’s President Nicolas Maduro. As the value of the cryptocurrency, he has provided oil field No. 1 Ayacucho, which has reserves of five billion barrels.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club