The bitcoin exchange rate has appreciated by 4.5%, experts give positive forecast

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin a few days later, sales activity continues to strengthen in the framework of a technical rebound. The price of Bitcoin for 24 hours increased by $400, adding another 5.51%.
The cryptocurrency market is slowly coming back buyers, the news background which has mainly been negative completely win that enables active players to access the position of the minimum.
We will remind that last week the exchange rate of bitcoin lost more than 30%, almost came close to the lows of February of the current year.
17:10 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 7 346 (+4.19%)
Bitfinex – $ 7 350 (+4.5%)
Coinbase – $7 346 (+4.2%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $125 568 billion.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is not a bubble, and a needle

About this in his interview with Business Insider said the co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and an ardent supporter of bitcoin and crypto-currencies Jon Matonis on the Innovate Finance conference in London.
He dispelled the myths, and the fears of many experts that bitcoin is a bubble, noting that this criticism of the soon fall of the stock markets and debt markets.
In his opinion, the most popular cryptocurrency is the needle for these markets, which can “explode”.
“For those who speak about bitcoin as a bubble, I’d say it’s the needle that would soon pierce the bubble. The bladder is an abnormal bond markets and the stock market, artificially supported by Central Banks”
Despite skepticism regarding the current financial system in the world, Matonis considers it remarkable that such major banks as Goldman Sachs are considering entering the cryptocurrency market.
“I think it’s fine, as it will increase liquidity and allow the market to Mature, gradually reducing volatility”
“Planned development of the futures market, options. I even think that very soon we will see the formation of market interest rates on bitcoin”
“We used to hear on Libor for the traditional rates, but for bitcoin it may be, for example Bibor”
As Jon Matonis believes that the cryptocurrency market requires regulation.
“The emergence of bitcoin is not a debt obligation, are not capital in the classical form. This is just a confirmation of the successful transaction, and a completely new approach is not suitable under any controller function”
Bitcoin is the time of “ripening” and this period is very complex, influencing the exchange rate and the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. However, it is a good sign that the cryptocurrency will not disappear, and has prospects for continued existence.
Experts expect that in the coming days, the bitcoins will attract more active buyers and will continue to grow.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина укрепился на 4.5%, эксперты делают позитивный прогноз
The most popular cryptocurrency, continues the second day after the recent global collapse. Confidence gives players the technical factor, which indicates the formation of the market of figures “double bottom”.
Along with this, there is a significant revival of attention from many companies that continue to implement blockchain technology in business.
Positive scenario
The rate of bitcoin will continue to rise. In this case the first target for the price is around $8 000, where price will have difficulty in advancing further. There’s also the additional resistance is the moving average.
The level of optimism in the market is quite high and we expect the value of Bitcoin in the coming days will reach the first goal. Further growth of the digital coins will confirm a prediction for the formation of “double bottom”, and the development of strong growth to new $9 000 and the psychological level of $10 000.
The negative scenario
The rate of bitcoin will find resistance at current levels and resume decline. Re-test $700 and 6 below, confirms the weakness of the buyers and increase inflation in the new lows, cancelling the positive scenario.
We believe that the market is still weak, so the current growth in the value of bitcoin is considered as technical correction.
Courses most cryptocurrencies continue to strengthen along with the most popular asset and show growth in the range of 3% -5%. At the time of this writing, the rate of the Ripple increased by 6.44%, reaching $0.52, Ethereum has appreciated by 4.45%, adding in value to $402.75 and Litecoin adds 4.94%, strengthening to $125.4.
Курс биткоина укрепился на 4.5%, эксперты делают позитивный прогноз
The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the moment is $245 572 billion.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™