The bitcoin exchange rate has appreciated, but until proper growth is far

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Stock Markets Group – the bitcoins held today motionless. The impression that many of the speculators suddenly seeing the possibility of earning on the fall of the ruble, went out of cryptocurrency in favor of other assets. Price of Bitcoin remains the second…, the last frontier close to $6 700, which fails to deter sellers.
We will remind, yesterday a small increase of coins within 1.5% allowed to revive buyers, with the result that its cost reached $6 831.
22:45 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $6 934 (+0.9%)
Bitfinex – $6 908 (+1.3%)
Coinbase – $6 928 (+0.8%)
The market capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is $117 264 billion.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is preparing for a new leap

Winter on the cryptocurrency markets ended, as reported by the Executive Director of the Crypto Asset Management Timothy Enneking.
He notes that the problems of market regulation, problems with cryptocurrency exchanges that sell bitcoin startups and cryptocurrency for payment of wages, all this became the reason for today’s fall.
“After the rapid growth of exchange rate of bitcoin in 2017 it is time for consolidation, which led to an outflow of a significant part of the capital of cryptocurrencies. So investors are wary of action by the regulators”
The expert notes that the share of the main coins on the cryptocurrency market has decreased from 45.7% in December, when the bitcoin exchange rate had a peak value of up to 44.3% in these days. This fall, the falling in which the main tool was the most popular asset coincided with a decrease in the correlation between it and other tokens.
“The collapse of bitcoin prices was caused by many factors, but this has not prevented bitcoin grow by 600% over the last 15 months”
Given this, Enneking concludes that the period of negative for Bitcoin has already passed in the coming months the cryptocurrency waiting for restoration. Though he did not specify what the rate of bitcoin should be expected in the near future.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина укрепился, но до полноценного роста далеко
Today has not brought the cryptocurrency Bitcoin special achievements, which for the second day waiting for a active buyers.
The depreciation that we saw in the last days has stopped, however, steady reversal of the digital asset is not shown. This, according to experts, speaks about the uncertainty of investors regarding future prospects the main asset of the cryptocurrency market.
In the current situation, we continue to consider a negative scenario as the main, as a result of which the rate of bitcoin will continue to decline towards $6 000.
Little more positive, see today, is in our opinion the emergence of a new upward movement.
The stock market has not yet decided on the future dynamics, so many players will remain on the sidelines, watching the development of events. Also keep in mind that prior to April 17 taxpayers of the United States will continue to “dump” bitcoin and buy dollars for the payment of taxes.
So, these days to expect a sudden reversal of the market up not to be.
With Bitcoin minor positive show and other cryptocurrencies. So Ripple has risen by 1.8% and reached the level of 0.50$, Ethereum has appreciated by 1.46% and is located near the 421.86$ and Litecoin shows a small minus, and fell to 114.4$.
Курс биткоина укрепился, но до полноценного роста далеко
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™