The bitcoin exchange rate fell below 7 000$, investors refuse cryptocurrency

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The bitcoin exchange rate to 30 Mar 18:50 GMT, according Libertex, decreased by 10.4% to 6.73 thousands of dollars against thousands of 7.51 at 19:00 GMT on March 29. The most famous cryptocurrency in the last days was unable to keep the level of 7.5 thousand dollars, tried to catch hold 7 thousand and now, it seems, is the mark of 6,5 thousand dollars.
The market capitalization of bitcoin by 18:20 MSK was about 114,8 billion dollars against 126,8 billion a day earlier.
Western European stock markets on Friday were closed due to the celebration of Easter.
Index Mosberg 18:22 GMT Friday almost unchanged from the start of trading about 2275 points, we expect that in the next session, the indicator will fluctuate in the range 2220-2330 points. The RTS index was up 0.4 percent to 1251 points and the next auction is likely to fluctuate in the corridor 1235-1270 points.
The dollar 18.56 GMT almost unchanged against the ruble by about 57,26 of the ruble, the Euro rose 0.1 percent to 70,55 rubles. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range 56,75-57,75 roubles, Euro – in the corridor 69,95-71,15 ruble.
As for bitcoin, the last time at the current levels it was trading in early February. Then he was looking for a bottom after weeks of falling from the level of 20 thousand dollars and in time fell below 5.9 per thousand, then bounced back up. Therefore, this level of support indicated a few months ago.
From kryptonopolis it should be noted that the Telegram messenger has attracted $ 850 million in the second round of closed pre-sales (pre-sale) token of a future blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network (TON). The total amount of funds collected on the Telegram project the development of its blockchain platform TON, is $ 1.7 billion.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club