The bitcoin exchange rate fell ahead of the last frontier $ 6000

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today June 22, collapsed, delayed reaction of players on the hacking of major cryptocurrency exchanges and risk aversion in the period of summer stagnation were the main reasons for the decline.
The Bitcoin price for the past five days trying to recover, but unsuccessfully. However, experts warn that the negative market reaction from a series of hacker attacks on the trading floor, it will continue to have an impact on the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
All other cryptocurrencies rushed down. So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash decreased by 15.55% and is at level 753$ capitalization 13 097 billion.
The rate of Ripple lost 8.54% and reached $ 0.49$ in market capitalization 19 479 billion. Ethereum decreased by 13.07%, and reached 465$ in market capitalization 47 221 billion.
17:05 GMT., major exchanges show the following values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 6 128 (-8.83%)
Bitfinex – $ 6 118 (-9.1%)
Coinbase – $ 6 121 (-8.88%)
The market capitalization of Bitcoin at the moment is $106 406 billion Total capitalization of the stock market 224 058 billion.

Bitcoin exchange rate in the trap of hackers

It may seem incredible, but today, bitcoin and the whole stock market is too dependent on hackers and cheaters. That is, kryptomere break-ins, theft of assets of investors and fraud with the use of ICO, it is according to analysts the main enemies of bitcoin exchange rate in recent months.
Active in trying to ban cryptocurrency and the desire to regulate the market, the authorities of many countries do not pay much attention to the criminal component, which is firmly entrenched around the crypto industry.
This is understandable, there is no law then there is no problem that could attract the attention of law enforcement.
Liability for trading bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions rests solely with the investors, and companies providing services on the market of digital coins, which in many countries is also officially does not exist.
The last month has shown how much the market sentiment will depend on the reliability and security of their savings. Bitcoin exchange rate twice in the last month collapses, and the first and second time, the reaction of the players was delayed. Apparently, this is due to a reassessment of risks and getting rid of digital coins until the situation is clarified.
As it became known today, the postal and telecommunications of Ukraine has arrested four fraudsters who are suspected of running fake cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet.
On account of the group of six such projects, with which they cheated, and stolen funds.
During the RAID, police seized computer equipment, storage devices and other devices used by the attackers.
The country’s authorities, asking all who suffered from this group of people, contact the police and provide information.
Crime is continuing to use bitcoin and other tokens for their own purposes, and each case more convincing potential investors that trade bitcoin is too risky.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина рухнул, впереди последний рубеж 6000 долларов
In the second half of the day, Bitcoin has fallen from $ 400 and reached the mark 6 241 dollars. Ahead of sellers the important psychological level of 6000$ which can not resist, if sales skyrocket.
If the rate of bitcoin will continue to fall, this time, price is likely to reach 5 500$ will continue to decline in the area of the new psychological level of 5 000$. Today, in our opinion, a second wave of sales, in which the loss of cryptocurrencies will be much more disruptive of the previous lows.
Курс биткоина рухнул, впереди последний рубеж 6000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™