The bitcoin exchange rate, cryptocurrency is not afraid of negativity

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate at the end of the week began, uncertain growth, the external background for cryptocurrencies looks quite ambiguous.
At the time of writing this article the price of Bitcoin is around $ 3887.4 and gaining 0.15%. However, significant changes in dynamics of quotations of BTC in the last 24 hours did not happen, as the balance of power on the stock market are almost identical.
Today, the cryptocurrency market were under pressure after it became known that the CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) announced refusal to add futures contracts for bitcoin.
This decision was caused by the vagueness of approach in the work with the tool, and the lack of unified rules and regulation of this issue. Representatives said they need more time to resolve all disputes and ambiguities.
Also in Japan the verdict on conditional term eks-the head of the world’s largest crypto currency exchange MT. Gox Mark Karpeles.
We will remind, it is accused of manipulating personal data of clients and embezzlement of investors ‘ funds.
As a result of such actions customers trading platform has lost about 850 thousand bitcoins, which amounted at the time, of 480 million dollars.
Most altcoins top ten yet did not react to the news, however, as we remember the reaction of the exchange rate of bitcoin and other assets may occur the next day.
So at the moment a token show growth. The value of Bitcoin Cash increased by 0.76%, Ripple remains near the opening level of the day, price Ethereum rose 1%, while the rate of Bitcoin Gold has appreciated by 0.37%, and one coin on the crypto currency exchange offer 13.38 USD.
Total market capitalization of bitcoin also increased slightly and now stands at 69 130 billion.
Курс биткоина: Онлайн криптовалюта не испугалась негатива
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains intact, and the quotes are moving in a narrow range. Judging from the current situation, players now little interest in the news.
Technically, the indicators show the absence of any ideas from investors, so in the next few days the Bitcoin exchange rate is unlikely to significantly change direction.
Курс биткоина: Онлайн криптовалюта не испугалась негатива
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™