The bitcoin exchange rate could start from $3300, but experts do not believe in growth

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This week will be remembered for the burst of optimism the crypto market. The bitcoin exchange rate could start from $3300. Purchase gradually gaining momentum, which allowed the exchange rate to exceed the threshold of $4,000. Of course this begs the explanation that the price of BTC bounces after excessive oversold previously. In addition, a very positive sign we can assume that with the increasing prices steadily rising trade volumes. For 3 days from 17th December, they increased by 2% to $7.5 billion. the same is true for Bitcoin and Cash.
Over the past few days, the cryptocurrency has shown impressive growth of more than 77 percent from lows of $90, and is currently trading around $160. Market capitalization of crypto market grew within the week by $22 billion Cautious investors it cannot be excluded that in the more money short-term speculators that also can quickly leave the market.
In the crypto community reign is not so optimistic expectations: many market participants believe the current growth is purely speculative and are confident that it will be followed by a pullback below $3000. The youngest millionaire in the world Eric Finman, bought in childhood bitcoins for $12, and does believe that Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (BTC) in the long term, after several phases of rallies and corrections, condemned to death. He relies on tech Ethereum (ETH) and the zcash for (ZEC).
Positive momentum pretty beaten up the stock market gave the news that closed short on bitcoin, open for a year ago to the highs trader by mark Dou. Along with the growth of almost 30% from recent lows, and symbolic borders with a bearish market phase completed. Short-term, it could invigorate the market, giving signal for long-term investors. However, over the past year, the cryptocurrency of the hot investment failed to become a significant sector of the market and to strengthen leadership at least in some areas. It promises turbulent future courses and the preservation of the status of the market as an ideal sector for speculation.
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