The Bank of Russia supported ruble

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Russian ruble on Friday afternoon strengthened to a basket of currencies. “Russians” supported the decision of the Central Bank to keep its key interest rate unchanged at 7.25 per cent per annum. For the first time in summer 2017 bid were not reviewed on the decline because of rising inflation risks. The dollar to the present worth of 62.42 RUB (-0.4 per cent). 75,47 Euro is trading at RUB (-0,5%). Official rates of the Central Bank of Russia for tomorrow, April 28, 62,72 make up a RUB for the American currency (increased by 12 cents) and 7576 RUB per EUR (reduced 40 cents).
So, the April meeting of the regulator held. Intrigue did not happen, but it is in this time and not meant: after the April spikes in currency volatility would be too risky to lower the rate without knowing the full consequences. In the policy statement, the regulator said that the CPI can more actively move to 4%, but too sharp acceleration in prices can not be afraid. While the Central Bank noted that the potential to reduce rates over the year decreases in the growth rates in the West and growing sovereign risks.
Commodity market slightly corrected, though still morning, the bulls were serious about buying. A barrel of North sea Brent grade of oil is worth $73,73 (-0,2%), “a barrel” of Texas light oil WTI $68,00 (-0,3%). All published this week information, a significant sector of the black gold already factored into rates, but remain significant speculative news on Iran and its nuclear program.
The US dollar is now stable in the range of 62-63 RUB, where he is in terms of external and internal environment and place. The Euro closed trading on Friday in the range of 75-76 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,