Stock ryok USA falls after unexpected deterioration in Hong Kong

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World markets mostly lower on political uncertainty in Hong Kong and because of the unresolved trade problems of the US and China.
Main US stock indexes on Wednesday have decreased to within 0.5% after weak data on inflation and exacerbated the fears of market participants regarding trade relations with China.
Earlier it became clear that investors should not wait for the conclusion of a trade agreement between China and the United States at the G20 summit. While inflation in may slowed to 1.8%, while the expected level of 1.9%.
Asian markets fell to 0.5% on the main indices on the background of the worsening political situation in Hong Kong, where it was held to protest against the amendments to the extradition act. The Chinese market looked better than the rest in the region after the statement of Vice-Premier of the state Council of the country, Liu he that Chinese regulators should increase support to the economy and to ensure sufficient liquidity in the financial system.
European stocks rise Thursday by an average of 0.3% on the data on industrial production in the Euro area, which showed a decline of 0.5%, but in line with expectations.
The Russian stock market symbolically reduced after the American and Asian. The ruble thus seems to be ambiguous, losing about 5 cents to the dollar and adding more than 20 cents to the Euro on the background of rising world oil prices.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club