Stock markets: the Flight of investors from risky assets slowed

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The flight from risk that is initially continued in Asia, is gradually eroding. Investors reeling from a new series of mutual threats between the US and China and trying to get back in a positive direction. Most Asian indices to the end of the session to minimize intraday losses, paving the way for a decent lift European markets at the opening.
The Italian MIB, which in the first hour of trading raliroad 0.7%. Add half a percent, the German DAX 30 and the Spanish IBEX. Against this background, in a cheerful mood began trading, the Russian indices. RTS increased 0.7%, reflecting a further moderate strengthening of the ruble. Index Mosberg gaining over 0.5% in early afternoon.
In the fading trend of avoidance of the risks of unabated pressure on the dollar, which had suffered from a fall in yields of treasuries to the weekly low amid demand for Treasury bonds as a defensive asset. However, investors still remain cautious, evidenced by the strengthening of the yen against the dollar.
Meanwhile, the EUR/USD is trading at session lows marked 1.17, receiving local support in the form of a 20-day moving average at 1.1685. If the stock cannot hold above this area in the short term, we can see the development of correction, although in General traffic are likely to be limited to the appearance of important drivers.
Nathan Lambert
Head of research,
Global FX