Stock markets: the fed compensates for the loss of the past

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Just yesterday, the stock markets lost more than 1%, and today optimism is completely leveled last fall. The occasion already traditional – the U.S. Federal reserve, which is expected two more rate cuts this year. From my point of view, this expectation is overestimated. I wouldn’t wait more than one demotion. Anyway, more about this can be said after the publication of data from the U.S. labor market on Friday.
Deserves special attention the situation in Britain, where from the first day of autumn passion strained to the limit. Boris Jones requires a Brexit at any cost, while the Parliament tries to block the possibility of a British exit from the EU without a deal. These swings have a significant impact on the stock market all of the Old world and set the tone for American investors, who, though busy with their agenda, but about old Europe, too, remember.
The main asset in this period of time becomes gold. The greater the uncertainty, the higher the price of safe-haven asset, now it costs a little more $1530,00 per Troy ounce, but by the end of the year could rise to $1600,00.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”