Stock markets remain in power policy

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American markets dropped by the end of trading Wednesday. morning was with the Asian site, but to date show some increase. In the black opened a futures on the us S&P500. Economic indicators from the U.S., Japan and China say about the impressive health of the global economy.
The main threat to this well-being lies in the political arena. One after another there are trade barriers. While this is only point and irrelevant measures. However, strong concerns that the flywheel was set in motion, and will gain momentum.
Also inflame the spy scandals during the cold war: Britain expels Russian diplomats and announced the possible freezing of assets of Russia.
These factors reduce the demand risks. As a result, the us dollar is creeping down since last Friday on the global Forex. However, during this time, he declined only to levels of 8 March. On the Russian market the dollar, however, able to score points due to the negative news background. USDRUB closed yesterday with a gain of 10 cents to 57.12 and EURRUB – rose to 70.68. All the area peaks from mid-February in contrast with the lateral dynamics of oil.
It is possible that the elections will have a positive impact on the Russian currency, as it was in previous times both in Russia and in other countries: knowledge about who will be the leader of the country is intensifying investors.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,