Stock markets: Investors are once again fleeing from risk

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On Thursday, investors ran from risk-on news out of Washington, who decided to contribute to Chinese giant Huawei to your blacklist, thus, once again, exacerbating trade relations between the two countries. Against this background, the Asian site were mixed, and the indices of the Old world settled in negative territory, although declining moderately.
The Russian market looks stable, largely due to rising oil prices and continuing high demand for OFZ, which was confirmed by yesterday’s auctions the Ministry of Finance. Afternoon index Mosberg and RTS increased by 0.59% and 0,68% respectively.
Oil becomes more expensive due to geopolitics. Tensions in the middle East continued to fuel fears of supply disruptions in conditions when OPEC+ dutifully fulfill its obligations under the deal, Iran and Venezuela are under U.S. sanctions. Also participants of the oil market was pleased with the reduction in US production last week at 100 thousand barrels per day, up to 12.1 million barrels.
Brent at the moment reached an area of 72,40 USD per barrel, where it rolled and oscillates near the level of $ 72. Despite a positive attitude, bullish futures opportunities limited due to the escalation of trade tensions between the US and China.
The ruble, meanwhile, continues to prevail over foreign currencies, sending the dollar to fresh may lows in the area 64,38 RUB the Dollar on the Forex market feels quite comfortable, which together with high oil prices and tax period supports the Russian currency. However, by the end of the week after fruitful sessions can come profit, which will bring the dollar closer to the level of 65 rubles.
Gennady Nikolaev
Academy of management Finance and investment