Stock markets In the second half of the day buying intensified

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The second half of trading Tuesday brought even more active buying in the commodity segment. Which resulted in the present rally in the stock markets of Europe. In addition to hopes for economic recovery, the easing of the conflict, the United States and China in the upcoming negotiations and a slowdown in the number of infected by the coronavirus in the world, investors play back the message Russian President Vladimir Putin, who reported on the development of a vaccine, which if successful, the test will be launched into mass production.
Against this background, has accelerated the growth of Russian stock indexes and the ruble continued its recovery, gaining additional support from the accelerating growth in oil prices. But by and large, the reasons for sustained rally in global markets right now is still there, and, most likely, the investors will start to fix profit after the current rise of the stock and vysokoporodnyh as a whole to more attractive levels.
The main uncertainty at this stage is the forthcoming trade negotiations between representatives of Washington and Beijing
scheduled for this Saturday.
Investors have hope for a constructive dialogue, but overall, significant breakthroughs are expected, given the recent escalation of tensions on the diplomatic front. Moreover, relations between the two countries could worsen if the parties cannot come to consensus on key issues on the agenda. So, even if growth stocks in the coming days will be continued on Friday to reduce the risks, the probability of sales within the profit.
Mikhail Dorofeev,
Chairman of the Board,
PDA “Update”