Stock markets in Europe waiting for trade solutions in the US and China

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European investors continue to hope for resolution of trade disagreements between the US and China, although the latest round of talks has passed without any success, and in the United States was increased import duties on certain products from China.
According to the decision of the American President Donald trump last week the toll rose from 10% to 25%, although market participants to the latter were convinced that the promises of the President of the United States will remain the only threat.
While the next round of U.S.-Chinese trade talks ended inconclusively, and trump was also ordered to begin the process of raising taxes for the rest of the imports from China, which is estimated at $ 300 billion.
However, members of the European markets still hope that a trade deal between the US and China is still possible, despite the fact that, according to the latest news, it may take more time, and it is unlikely an agreement will be concluded earlier than in the beginning of July. Some are encouraging only words trump that depending on progress in the negotiations duties on some Chinese products can be canceled, say financial scouts.
Good news for France was the confirmation by European Commission forecast of GDP growth in 2019 and 2020 to 1.3% in 2019 and 1.5% in 2020. In addition, investors continue to assess the results of the elections to the Spanish Parliament, which received the majority of the socialist party.
Vadim Kovalenko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club