Stock markets in Europe grow by more than 1%

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World markets on Wednesday was not ambiguous when investor sentiment before the FOMC statement the fed.
Major us stock indices dropped on Tuesday in the range of 0.6% after rising 1% the previous day. Dynamics of stock market indicators USA allowed trader Forex Club earn per day more than 6 thousand dollars on the change of quotations of Dow Jones index.
Investors ‘ attention is focused on the release of minutes from the July fed meeting, which market participants expect to comment on the prospects of the U.S. economy. In addition, Friday will be a speech by fed Chairman Jerome Powell, during which he can tell about the future direction of monetary policy of the financial regulator.
Asian markets closed trading environment without uniform dynamics. Major European stock indexes rising more than 1% after the day before they closed lower on political uncertainty in Italy. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte has said it will submit to the President his resignation due to the outbreak of the country’s political crisis.
Russian stock market grows in the environment within 0.6%, the ruble is gaining more than 30 cents to the dollar and almost 40 cents to the Euro on the background of the rise of world oil prices after the publication of the weekly data about oil stocks in the United States.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club