Stock markets in Europe focused on Brexit

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European stock markets are still anxiously watching how the situation develops around of a possible agreement Brexit. After the British Parliament rejected the document proposed by the Prime Minister Theresa may, has increased the risk that in March the UK will exit the EU without reaching any agreement, and it can be a serious blow to the economy of the country.
However, parliamentarians expressed distrust of the British government, may remain at his post, and it is proposed to submit to Parliament a new draft agreement. However, time is running short and not very clear, could the government offer a fundamentally new document, which will appeal to all members of Parliament.
In addition, European investors are still worried about the resolution of trade conflict between the US and China. Shows coming out in recent statistics on the Chinese economy, China is already beginning to experience problems due to the protracted quarrel with the United States. In turn, indicators of the Chinese economy badly beaten and on the prospects of the world economy as a whole.
In addition, earlier American President Donald trump threatened Europe with the introduction of high duties on car imports from the region. Until resolved conflict with China, the European side still fears the same measures against its imports.
Another disturbing factor for the European markets is increased volatility in oil prices. Oil prices show sharp fluctuations depending on the tone of news coming to the market. Now investors are waiting for the next meeting of OPEC members+ that will be held in the spring. Probably the members of the Alliance will discuss an even more significant reduction of volumes of oil compared to those agreements that were reached in early December.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club