Stock markets are at a loss amid trade disputes

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World stock markets on Monday was not against development of the trade conflict between the US and China, and an abundance of statistics.
The American stock exchange on Friday closed mixed after the release of mixed economic data and positive news from China to continue trade negotiations.
So, the official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that the working group on the settlement of trade disagreements are in constant contact and discuss the next round of meetings in September.
At the same time, market participants drew attention to statistics from the United States in July consumer income up 0.1% , and expenses – on 0,6% whereas the market was expecting revenue growth of 0.3%, expenses – by 0.5%. And the index of consumer moods of Michigan University in August fell unexpectedly to 89.8 points, which was the lowest figure since 2016.
Despite the uncertainty on the American trading platforms one of the traders Forex Club was able to capitalize on the dynamics of the Dow Jones more than 11 thousand dollars per day.
Asian markets closed lower on Tuesday as Monday is also mixed in the Wake of continued uncertainty in the prospects for trade relations between the U.S. and China and new unrest in Hong Kong.
However, the support of the Chinese markets has provided statistics on the country’s economy: the purchasing managers ‘ index (PMI) for China’s manufacturing sector rose in August to 50.4 points, while the market was waiting for declining to 49.8 points.
Stock indexes of Europe grow Monday within 1%, led by the FTSE 100 which shows the best dynamics on the background of the depreciation of the pound against the dollar.
Bidders react to the internal statistics of the Eurozone. Thus, the index of business activity in the field of industrial production (PMI) for the region in August expected rose to 47 points. The indicator for France rose more than expected and Germany – grew weaker forecasts.
The Russian stock market on Monday, gaining 0.8-0.9 percent for the main indexes, the rouble rises in price 5 cents to the dollar and almost 20 cents to the Euro.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club