Stock market: trade wars and sanctions the rhetoric of the main topics of the day

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The basis for this week was almost the same background, which was last week, namely trade wars and sanctions rhetoric from different angles, geopolitical tensions around the Persian Gulf and the growth of the U.S. stock market amid mixed news background.
For Russia the most important factor of uncertainty is the desire of the American Congress to impose new sanctions against Russia only with reference to the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation and to impose a ban on the operation of the Western investors to the bond of our country, and to expand the list of assets subject to the sanctions of Washington.
The issue is clearly a very pressing and controversial, at least by themselves, sanctions do not lead to result, from the beginning to the end, but a clear desire to do something against the will and the need to maintain a two-way dialogue between our two countries not haunted by the opposing activities of the President of the United States on the territory of the USA is.
In the world over the last five years has many times been said and written on the sanctions that they have already perceived with very explicit immunity to their introduction. Well if so, then, as they say, well, let him enter, and then we’ll see, but be frightened in advance.
The international financial market have become accustomed to the topic of international trade wars, which the USA spreading and affect international trade, but they already have the bombshell. The China vs USA you enter anything, the US is in a hurry to announce their success in the field of trade barriers against imports of goods from China.
Meanwhile, as the caravan goes, the dog barks, but the us stock market at the end of last week managed to hold above the levels in 2 828,28 and tries to grow. That shares of Apple have gained so much that the company’s capitalization exceeded 1 trillion U.S. dollars.
On the raw materials market, many participants discussed information from CNN, which scares all possible maneuvers of the Iranian forces “Guards of the Arab revolutions” in places where by sea are the main ways of transportation of oil from the Persian Gulf, but in General all used to these news reports and think that it probably should be, but the devil is as always in the details.
And the details at the moment are that the world continues to form a certain critical mass of uncertainty and negativity, that’s just where it will explode this grenade is not yet clear.
Given that the court in the month of August, it makes sense to think about and reduce activity, at least for a while.
So watching and waiting, like saying the sea weather. In our case, the economic and geopolitical forecast.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”