Stock market: investors are waiting for negotiations G7

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On the background of the sluggish dynamics of trading futures on global stock indices, we can expect a neutral open on the Russian market. Thanks to the strong statistics on the US labor decreased the concern of investors was observed after the input of American duties on steel imports from Canada, Mexico and the EU.
Americans want to see out of scale to continue to pursue a policy of protectionism, which threatens the beginning of a currency war. This is to be expected in the short term, because now the markets are waiting for fruitful negotiations at the summit “G7” at the end of this week.
Countries “big seven” will discuss a possible response to the US tariff, this will cause volatility in the currency market at the end of the week. In addition, on 13 June FOMC meeting, U.S. Federal reserve, from which investors expect the rate increase to 2%. This factor will help the dollar to strengthen against world currencies. Against this background, the outflow of foreign liquidity from emerging markets will continue.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,