Stock rose almost 1.5% after blocking Telegram in Russia

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GDR on the London stock exchange on Wednesday, rising almost 1.5% after blocking of the messenger Telegram.
The court on April 13 granted the claim of Roskomnadzor about blocking Telegram in Russia in connection with the failure to pass the FSB encryption keys. Roskomnadzor began to block Telegram in Russia on Monday.
Have there is a messenger “there There”, which to some extent is a competitor to the Telegram. In this regard, there are preconditions to growth of securities of the company by another 3%.
Earlier, the Telegram started to use to bypass the lock of IP address Amazon and Google, and then Roskomnadzor started blocking these addresses. Currently, Google and Amazon to decide whether they will continue to work in Russia.
In turn, Pavel Durov said that part of personal data of Russians from-for blocking of Telegram go into a controlled from U.S. Whatsapp and Facebook. It is not excluded that in the future, Roskomnadzor may apply any sanctions to them. In this case, the Russian instant messengers can be virtually no competitors.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club