South Korea: Bitcoin wallets and crypto currency exchange the main goal of the hackers

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Stock Markets Group – Agency of the National police of South Korea has published data on all known cases of hacking kryptomere and purses for the last three years.
According to 7 trading sites were subjected to hacker attacks and 158 of bitcoin wallets have been hacked, with 91 in 2018.
As noted by the Korean edition of Boan News:
“The amount of funds stolen as a result of hacking cryptocurrency exchanges is growing every year. In 2016, loss from hackers amounted to 265 282 USD in 2017 this figure increased to $35.8 million, and this year has been a record of two cases which in total caused damage of $63 million.”
Another major publication, Digital Times provides the following data:
“For three years there had been 158 cases of hacking of personal bitcoin wallets, of which 91 in the current year. Only six episodes were prosecuted and investigated”
As you know the government has a strict policy against cryptocurrency exchanges and service providers exchange of bitcoin and other assets. However, statistics show that these measures do not have value and does not reduce the risk of loss of funds for the participants of kryptonyte.
One South Korean officials commenting on a published report said:
“Cryptocurrency operations always have the risk of hacker attacks, given the nature of such activities. And even in those companies where the government had conducted a thorough check, there were cases of hacking”
We will remind that last year in October, the regulator conducted a review Yobit on the subject of cyber protection bitcoin exchange, but in December, the marketplace has been hacked. As one of the largest exchanges Bithumb was hacked 19 June 2018, after double checking by the Supervisory authorities of South Korea.
Elena Sverdlova,
Senior analyst,
Stock Markets Group