“Sistema” is gradually emerging from the crisis after a series of troubles

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2017 was marked by major bankruptcies and downs of the companies of the market leaders in the country and in 2018 they meet in different ways. Some companies lost the license, the name and remaining assets, while others continue to work and recover from losses in the previous period.
As it became known yesterday, “FC Opening” lost big at 1.7 billion rubles, thus putting themselves in even more difficult situation. Broker accused of missing from the accounts of client funds that were managed by affiliate trader, although the Bank investors themselves have entrusted their access keys, without the knowledge of the company.
Difficult relationships in the Band now visible to the uninitiated, and those companies that do not come under the sweep, are now forced to make every effort not to be there.
But the “AFK System” is gradually emerging from the crisis after a series of troubles in recent years. Last year the company recorded growth after all the harassment and problems with its assets. Net profit increased from 1.7 to 4.1 billion rubles, while revenue growth was 3.5%. In addition, companies involved in the structure, is also profitable, and they reached an agreement with the plaintiffs in the case “Bashneft”. The company continues development and crisis management have borne fruit.
Alexander Grigorenko,
Asset Manager
IR Global Capital