Sean Williams: the Rate of bitcoin will be reduced by half by the end of the year with the arrival of institutional players

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Stock Markets Group – To the end of the day, the bitcoin exchange rate turned sharply upward, adding an average of about 5%, but the fall has not ended.
As suggested by Sean Williams, columnist of the Motley Fool, which in 2017 in one of his forecasts have named the main causes investors to bitcoin, “a cryptocurrency in the near future will remain the center of attention the big players, but will lose half its value”.
Another forecast for the bitcoin expert describes five changes associated with the most popular cryptocurrency in the near future.

Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market by the end of the year will decline

The growth of the stock market in 2017 was due to the support of private investors, often based only on enthusiasm and faith in the prospects of digital assets.
The exchange rate of bitcoin is greatly inflated, investing more and more for profit, which gave the opportunity Bitcoin is not only confident to stay afloat, but to grow.
Now the situation has changed in favor of institutional investors who can earn not only on the growth rate, but its fall, which significantly changed the behavior of the market. This, according to Williams, will be the main reason for the decline in market conditions and a drop in the capitalization of the stock market to 830 billion.

The rate of bitcoin will drop in half

Until the end of the year expect reduction in value of bitcoin doubled, as a double confirmation of the price low at $6 000, gives reason to believe that cryptocurrency has found its comfortable price.
A new drop will be caused by the market entry of institutional investors and increased regulation in various countries.

Bitcoin is losing its appeal because of altcoins

Given the emotional component of an asset is cryptocurrency trading, Williams relies on Ethereum, and expects the coin will overtake bitcoin in market capitalization to $ 70 billion.
However, he notes the increase in the number of followers and Ethereum projects which are based on this network.
The interest of big business in Ethereum and technology can push it higher rate the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency regulation in the United States will increase

With the widespread pressure on cryptocurrencies by the authorities in different countries, the expectation of even greater sanctions are well founded. However, the process will be more focused on the fight against fraud and shady schemes using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The market is still painfully aware of any innovations and reports about the opening of new criminal cases.
The expert expects that U.S. regulators will increase the pressure, thus forcing traders to use a Bank account, as is done in South Korea.

Bitcoin ETF will be launched on the market

This question has long been discussed by kriptosmartfon, however, the securities Commission, the U.S. is still concerned with the storage of assets and expects CBOE making.
However, Sean Williams believes that with the increased regulation of cryptocurrency bitcoin ETF appears on the market.
In conclusion, he, as a year earlier, cautioning traders the fact that such tools have no metrics by which to evaluate their actual value.
This, in his opinion, one of the main problems of the bitcoin exchange rate and its forecast in the medium and long term.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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