Sberbank shares soared on expectations of dividends paid

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The March surprised many, who are engaged in the analysis of companies and their reporting. Many organizations turned out to be worse than him given the forecasts, some better, but the main market drivers remain the largest “blue chips”. The leader of yesterday has become the savings Bank, reacting to statements by Gref at the meeting with Putin about the plans to pay “serious dividends”.
The Bank showed a jet amid the decline of most of the other competitors in the industry, accumulating most of the money from the bankrupt credit institutions, and especially their customers. High dividends, as befits a state-owned company, the savings Bank already preparing to pay, the government needs money to fulfill their obligations.
As for the future development strategy of the Bank, one of the priorities will be mortgage lending. The volume of mortgage loans in Russia in 2018 will again be a record that will be provided to and from the banking industry. “The lower the Central Bank rates will fall mortgage rate. We see that there is a strong correlation between bet size and demand, so this year we look forward to new records,” – said German Gref. He noted that last year a lot has been done for the development of the mortgage, specifically his Bank has the most developed infrastructure for this financial instrument.
Friday’s session will begin with a small bounce on the quotations of securities of the savings Bank, but support levels are not punched. To sell paper too early, the potential for growth in the near future remains high.
Alexander Grigorenko,
Asset Manager
IR Global Capital