Sanctions against Iran will be introduced within 6 months

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There were, Donald trump on Tuesday evening announced that the United States pull out of the deal with Iran. And although joined in the sanctions America can be allocated while only Israel, we see a reaction in oil prices. New sanctions will be imposed for 6 months.
The oil market is trading at new yearly highs: Brent crude is 77,75$ per barrel and for WTI give 71,66$ per barrel.
Goal, about which I wrote on the eve of assuming the resistance the nearest support levels, are implemented. And you may need to rearrange their orientation at high levels, but I’m not in a hurry, because the first reaction is wagered, and then it will all will depend on how to behave in other countries.
As you know, Iran will not withdraw from the agreement on the nuclear program, concluded in 2015 with the “six” of international mediators. Let the members of this transaction, now one less.
President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran will continue to work with other parties to the agreement and warned that the country could step up uranium enrichment if the talks will not bring tangible results.
Nevertheless, Germany, France, Britain and Russia said they were going to stick to their commitments.
But the United States decided to seek allies among China and India as major buyers of Iranian oil are precisely those countries. They account for supplies to 600 thousand and 500 thousand barrels every day of those 2 million barrels of oil that the country exports.
Although the intrigue was resolved in favor of Iran, and the growth of oil certainly many countries at hand, not all the accents. So for example at the end of the month is expected to meet OPEC+, where participating countries have to discuss the commutation of the quota.
Anastasia Ignatenko,
Senior analyst,
GK Teletrade