Russian stock market ends the week of “pre -” fall

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The Russian stock market on Thursday is reduced, despite previous attempts to buy and grow. Index Mosuri the evening of the trading day near 2488 points, short-term trading range is 2465-2495 points.
Investors are still too soft to consistently assess the deteriorating external background, it can later play with the market a cruel joke. The RTS index stable near 1190 points, higher to rise he failed and fall as if nothing.
Shares of “Aeroflot” today remain among the market favorites. Paper is obviously trying to get out of “range” to 95, 68-100 RUB, and while investors are focusing on scrapping the channel.
The strengthening of the U.S. currency is poorly accounted for in ruble pairs. It also temporarily ignore the confidence in the dollar, having no solid support, in contrast, will not work. The US dollar continues to trade slightly below 66 rubles., for the implementation of directional movement he needs to gain a foothold above 66,15 RUB.
Euro retreats due to the failure of the global currency market after the ECB announced its intention to keep rates low all the year 2019 and run the program TLTRO, the chances of the stability of the Euro left. The Euro/ruble to the evening retreated in the area of 74,20 RUB, the immediate support is at the level of 74.00 RUB.
Ahead of the Russian section of a long weekend. During this time the US will have time to produce statistics on the labor market in February and, maybe, to get closer to the completion of the negotiations on a trade agreement with China.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,