Russian stock market ends the week in a balanced manner

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The Russian stock market by the end of the week looks good, but here, unlike the foreign currency sector, the basic emotions have subsided. Index Mosberg came down to 2370 points, and is a little lower, but as long as the support at 2345 remains intact, to worry about. The RTS index is located within 1115-1140 points and start a new week in the same corridor.
The lack of progress in the anti-sanctions does not mean that this pause will last long. While external background is neutral, investors have the opportunity to buy the previous sale and to move inside the market, but as soon as geopolitics escalate, will have nowhere to go.
The question of the dynamics of the index Mosuri you can watch the price of oil in rubles – now this factor inhibits the growth in ruble indicator.
Shares of “Aeroflot” today was in the forefront of sales. The paper dries almost flat 94,95-104,13 RUB, but in the future you should carefully monitor the behavior of the ruble and the price of fuel. The carrier is very sensitive to the ruble devaluation and changes in the price of kerosene, therefore, the formation of the medium-term trend here is not complete.
The ruble to the end of the week looks calm and steady. The U.S. dollar is trading at 65,85 RUB, a new week for the pair dollar/ruble may begin in the hallway 65,60-66,15 RUB In General, as the market remembers that the sanctions have not gone away, but only postponed in time, everything will fall into place. Grinbek on the world market yet seems to be more stable than intermediate fluctuations don’t count. Euro/ruble stabiliziruemost about 75,00-75,55 RUB, but if the Euro will continue to recover in the world market, there will be a chance for the return of 76.00 RUB
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,